Around The Clock in 1 Minute: Enjoy A Classical 1940’s Archival Pilates Mat Exercise

Around the Clock in 1 Minute 

Nothing tones up the abdominal obliques quite at fast as the ‘Around The Clock in 1 Minute’ exercise from Joseph Pilates 1940’s archival mat exercise menu.

It can be used in place of or in addition to the ‘famous 5’ stomach series in the Contrology Mat.

Exercise Instructions: start on the mat with head and chest lifted, knees deeply bent and hands at ankles. (see illustration) Stay condensed in rolling like a ball position as you bump/roll twice clockwise using upper body, then stretch limbs straight open on the 3rd bump/roll, stay lifted in upper body (similar to teaser and  double leg stretch position), quickly curl back into your ball position and continue all the way around your clock, then start again counter clockwise. Complete the entire clockwise/counter clockwise cycle within ONE minute.

I have been adding this into my level 4 and 5  group classes in various teaching locations and my students report fantastic results. I observe laughter and hear some funny comments as they go  through the clockwise and counter clockwise motions.

My classes are typically well attended by athletic men, who are pleasantly surprised to find the classical (traditional) Pilates very satisfying, challenging to their strength, fitness and increasing in their flexibility.

I also have an excited following of women reporting results of rapidly toned, strengthened longer leaner limb muscles, flatter abdominals, toned and well shaped firmer buttocks after a few weeks of regular attendance 2-3 x per week of my classes.

Pilates brings its most defined results when practiced at least 3x per week, which is why I decided to start this blog. Each post will have something new for you to practice at home between class or lesson attendance. My goal is to help each person improve their Pilates skill with correct and precise technique to create uniform development in their bodies which will result in improved energy, muscle tone, balance and overall improved health.

I welcome questions, emails and requests for specific exercises. I will do my best to answer everyone ASAP thru email or address what I can here in this blog.

Natalie Shook PMA-NCPT is a graduate of Advanced Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder and a Host Advisor for the TPC Teacher Training Program. Strategic Pilates Studio is located in Somerset Meadows, Longmont, CO for more information regarding schedule, classes, one on one, etc. Email Call or text Natalie @ 831-241-8097

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