Pilates Breathing

In the classical Pilates Method there is a focus on full breath inhale and full exhale while creating precise, supple but strong movements.

Observe the inhale on the lengthening or push out of the reformer carriage and exhale upon the shortening or return of the reformer carriage. This breathing while the performing the Pilates exercises increases circulation. The breath also gives oxygen to blood cells therefore, produces a rejuvenated feeling while adding clarity in the mind.

The traditional Pilates breath pattern is basically the same on each piece of equipment (apparatus or mat). In classical Pilates exercises, we use oppositional energy to lengthen the body simultaneously upon inhalation while maintaining deep connection and control from the center. This inhalation causes the lungs to also expand, additionally encouraging the fullest length of the spine.

Next comes exhalation, when the body folds, (condenses and shortens) knees bend inward. Here, we expel all of the air out, emptying he lungs completely, thus making room for the legs (when in flexion) to come deeper into our center while maintaining deep connection and control.

All of the precise body movements, (classical Pilates exercises) work in harmony from the center, also known as the ‘powerhouse’. All classical Pilates movement is coordinated with breath, therefore creating stabilization, supple flexibility and strength while leaving tension behind.

To fall asleep at night, try refocusing on breath. Did you know that controlled breathing may prompt a relaxation response by activating your parasympathetic nervous system? This naturally slows down your heart rate and digestion while inducing a sense of calmness. Breathe fully and sleep well! Enjoy a classical/traditional Pilates session soon!

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