Sharing Great Finds

Sometimes you are fortunate enough to find such great things that you just feel compelled to share. Here are some of the things I have found to be great finds. I hope you will enjoy them too!😊 I will place links and discount codes for you where appropriate.

This is my absolute favorite disinfecting cleaner. It is all natural and safe for children, pets and my Pilates Studio. The link includes a discount for you. It is called Force of Nature Clean

If you live in the Boulder, Co area or are visiting, consider complimenting your Pilates workouts with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. You will quickly feel much stronger and invigorated pairing the two practices. I highly recommend Suzanne Stricker, the owner of Find Your Balance on Iris Ave, Boulder. In my own experience I have noticed drastic changes in my own body’s healing with Suzanne’s help. Learn more about Suzanne at: