Strategic Mentoring Program©

Strategic Mentoring Program© Information

Joseph Pilates designed a series of mat exercises that he called ‘Contrology’. His desire was to help people have a better quality of life with improved health through his method of exercise. It is my goal to help preserve the original Pilates methodology and intended purpose of helping people have improved health and wellbeing by sharing my gathered knowledge.

Because Pilates can be financially out of reach for many, I hope to make Pilates available to those who would not otherwise afford to initally study a full comprehensive program at PSAP (The Pilates School Approval Program) schools. With this in mind, I have created the Strategic Mentoring Program© as a way to prepare students and enthusiasts to be able to practice and enjoy high quality Classical Pilates from their home or anywhere coming from years of my own passionate study and self exploration of this method.

This program is available to a very limited number of people. To qualify, you must have deep passion and dedication to classical Pilates. There is a special ‘pay what you can’ rate on a case by case carefully reviewed basis. This program was created to be affordable for everyone, I will try to meet you where you are. This program requires minimal very affordable easy to find equipment and is also available using ZOOM for those of you who are not local to my area.

At the end of the 225 hour Strategic Mentoring Program© for Pilates Mat and meeting all requirements of the program, you will earn a certificate of completion. Upon completion, each participant should have a thorough in depth knowledge of classical mat Pilates so that if they choose to, they can independently and confidently practice their own mat Pilates in correct form or even offer a quality beginner Pilates community class.
It is highly recommended that you attend a PSAP rated classical Pilates school to become a Pilates Teacher. After completing the Strategic Mentoring Program©, you will be well prepared to enter able to excel in a comprehensive Pilates program of your choice. If it is your plan to become a quality knowledgable Nationally or Internationally Certified Pilates Teacher, (which should be your end goal when entering the Strategic Mentoring Program©), you should realize that a PSAP comprehensive school program is the necessary next step in your journey. The Pilates Mat is just the basic foundation of the apparatus. This piece gives you skills necessary for ultimate success throughout the entire system of Pilates methodology.

More detailed information about the Strategic Mentoring Program© is available upon request by appointment and interview. Requests will be carefully reviewed and initial replies within 2 weeks.

Classical Pilates is a genius exercise modality and quite enjoyable in a complete studio environment utilizing the whole system that complements the Mat. In a complete studio, you will find the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ped-a- Pul, High Chair, Arm Chair, Barrels etc.
If you have not yet experienced this, I highly recommend that you do when the time is right.

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