This Week’s Actual Pilates: The Side Kick Leg Series

Side Kick Series

The side kick leg series in the traditional Pilates mat sequence is something I will never omit when I teach my Pilates mat classes. This series always shows up in it’s proper place in the exercise order according to the level I am teaching. This delightful exercises series teaches hip differentiation, offers sideline activation, improves dynamic stability, and encourages uniform balance and development of the body.

This series offers the basic few and then several enjoyable variations to add as the body’s level of precise movement ability and strength increase. Today I will just post the basics with very simple instructions, but I will keep editing, expanding and adding more variations for you, so keep checking back to this post and more as you progress within your workout. Stay committed and you will see progress.

How to do the side kick leg series: Align your body side laying on your mat, bring the legs slightly forward, do not bend the knees. Support the head with one hand and place the other near the belly on the mat. Be sure your hips are stacked, nothing falling forward or back. Keep eyes looking straight ahead, not at the feet.

FORWARD & BACK: Lift the top leg with a flexed foot (standing position) at hip height, inhale deeply and swing the leg forward and then a little further. Point the toes and exhale fully as you now swing the leg behind you keeping the limb long and strong without bending the knee. Keep your torso stable, strong and aligned as you move with your breath. Repeat 10x each.

UP & DOWN: Heel’s together toes apart (that famous Pilates ‘V’ Pizza shape with the feet) The top leg is slightly turned out from the hip, begin with a pointed toe position. Inhale as you bring the leg up, flex foot at the top before you exhale to bring the leg down. Repeat 10x each. Tip: Make sure you are staying aligned as in the set up, where are your eyes looking while you are moving? Are you breathing?

Here is some recommended reading, but it is not as fun as this blog: “Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph Pilates”

Natalie Shook PMA-NCPT is a graduate of Advanced Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder and a Host Advisor for the TPC Teacher Training Program. Strategic Pilates Studio is located in Somerset Meadows, Longmont, CO for more information regarding schedule, classes, one on one, etc. Email Call or text Natalie @ 831-241-8097

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