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In 2012 I became a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher which has now become the Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. I am a graduate of the 950 hour Advanced Program at internationally respected Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado.

I had previously completed various other teacher training programs, including another brand comprehensive full 650 hour program, another brand full contemporary program, also Pilates specialty workshops and certifications. These included balance training, neurological Pilates programming, pre-post natal, pink ribbon certification, 3 different osteoporosis safe Pilates programs, women’s health Pilates, Pilates for golfers, Pilates for runners, Pilates for myofascial release, Anatomy Trains, and a few others. I used to do personal fitness and group gym training, I am now in the process of re-certification and the NASM-CES (corrective exercise specialist) certificate.
I am also Stages Cycle Certified and have a love for spin class, where I incorporate the Pilates principles.

It was actually after spending weekend workshops in the studio studying with Siri Galliano (Live Art Pilates) that awakened my curiosity about the classical vs contemporary pilates methods. Siri is a great teacher who instructs the classical method. As a wonderful bonus, she will tell you stories about her days teaching Madonna and also inform you about safety in all aspects of the equipment use. Shortly after my time spent with Siri, I had a few private lessons and weekend workshops with Alisa Wyatt ( who was also affiliated with the world famous Vintage Pilates Studio in Los Angeles, CA. After my experiences with classical Pilates taught by Romana personally certified teachers, I was convinced to convert my teaching style into the traditional classical method. With each classical lesson I was given, I became more impressed at how drastically the classical Pilates sessions changed my body in a just few weeks. The depth of this method was so impactful that I felt there was no turning back. It became very clear that I needed to study the classical method from it’s roots so that I could understand and share this information and technique with my students. These positive experiences fueled my passion for the way I currently teach Pilates.

After some thorough research into classical Pilates educational programs, I enrolled at The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO to complete the 950 hour Advanced Program. While at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Leah Wecksler, Debora Kowley and April Ingham sharpened my teaching skills and built my knowledge of understanding what it is to teach and coach vs just instruct choreography this of meaningful body-changing method of traditional Pilates in its purest simplest form. After graduating from this program, I decided to add extra training and become a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center. I spent a few years in a role as host advisor and then knew I needed to make the choice to respectfully temporarily set that aside until I could devote more time and energy.

With the fitness industry changing in 2020 due to covid, I made a decision to expand my education once again, this time as a NASM-CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist). While I am working very hard toward this difficult goal, I should be completing my testing for the CES title very soon.

I believe we always have more to learn, we should always be curious and creative. I love movement and healthy lifestyle. During the covid social distancing time, I filled quarantine hours with IDEAFIT workshops, and more Pilates study in the form of online workshops with Kathi Ross Nash just because I wanted further explore the depth of her Red Thread books that I have had on my shelf since publication. It’s been delightfully refreshing!

My fascination with physical movement, and general fitness, correcting faulty movement patterns through healthy exercise keeps me searching for answers. Most of my emphasis is still Pilates but I love NASM’s corrective exercise specialist programming. I incorporate what I have learned in that program into my teaching of all modalities. I still spend several hours a week (after my own practice, hikes, bike rides and other activity) taking at least one movement workshop and private lessons for my own body. I also enjoy (Alisa Wyatt) now and then where I can observe teaching techniques by Jay Grimes and other great Pilates teachers, soaking in every bit of information so I can share it back with my own students.

In my own Pilates practice, I am very grateful to have had in my past many weekly private lessons with MeJo Wiggin. She is exceptionally talented, possesses a sense of grace and humility in her character and is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever come across. Her eye for detail and simple word correction is immediate and change of the body comes quickly. Mejo’s style is unique and remarkable.

My bio would not be complete without an acknowledgment and mention of my deep appreciation and delight in meeting Kathi Ross-Nash.
I have discovered that she is a genuinely caring gifted individual who takes a personal interest in each student. She put the fun back into my Pilates practice at a time when I was starting to feel blah from covid quarantine. My current Pilates journey has been enriched by being able to attend an uncountable number of KRN’s RED THREAD fabulous workshops and weekly classes. These have helped my personal practice and enhanced my teaching. I have been fortunate to enjoy her books and ongoing weekly learning as she uses her RED THREAD teaching method. Her books are outstanding and are filled with detailed information. Her method is clear and presented in a fascinating way that captivates my body and mind as I move.

In my pursuit of Pilates education to become a teacher for my own students, I have been trained with several of the most well known and respected original Pilates teachers who meticulously strived to preserve the authentic work and teaching of Joseph Pilates known as Contrology (the first name given to the Pilates method) as it was intended to be practiced.

Each one of these wonderful teachers have deeply influenced and enhanced my understanding of movement skills with traditional Pilates. I have a great appreciation for each of these people of whom I could not possibly name individually here on my website. Thank you for who you are and the knowledge and fun you have shared. I hope to do the same for all of my students.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION 😷😷COVID-19😷😷 has changed things for all of us.

Strategic Pilates Studio plans to re-open on March 1, 2021. Strategic Pilates will practice social distancing following all safety precaution guidelines and I expect the same from all participants. Classes are kept very small to allow for proper distancing. Temperature checks, masks that cover BOTH MOUTH and NOSE will be required the entire time you are inside the studio without exception. Hand washing before class, sanitizer between equipment changes, clean personal grip socks inside studio, towels and personal mats will be required. I have air cleaners in the studio and the windows will be kept open, so expect the room to be on the cool side.

Do not come if you even slightly suspect that you are ill or could have been exposed to Covid-19. It is better to wait and take a test to be sure rather than possibly infect someone else who might be at high risk.

To contact me regarding booking/payment etc use phone or text @ 831-241-8097 or simply email me at: with an inquiry and I will reply to you. Class sizes are limited, deep cleaning will be done between all classes and personal training.

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