Useful Links

Links to great things Pilates and beyond. I hope you will enjoy them too!😊 I will place links and discount codes for you where appropriate. Do you struggle with hormonal imbalances, women’s health, gyn needs or menopausal symptoms? I have a wonderful referral for you! Dr.Jenny Kim patiently listens to your concerns and genuinely cares about YOU❤️. She is devoted to her patients care and gives individualized attention to each person, professionally treating them with her gentle spirit, kindness, and respect. The relaxing atmosphere of her peaceful office is now conveniently located in Boulder, CO. Click the link above for more information, look for a free consultation offer on her website😍.

This is my absolute favorite disinfecting cleaner. It is all natural and safe for children, pets and my Pilates Studio. The link includes a discount for you. It is called Force of Nature Clean, this is my referral code :

Links to the wonderful top of the line Pilates equipment in my studio. I would not have anything but the best for my own personal practice or for teaching my clients. Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus and the industry’s established source for authentic equipment, this company started in 1928. The Gratz brand is what my original reformer is, (the aluminum one) and the baby arm chair and one of my spine correctors and also a foot corrector. A few new additions for the studio from Gratz Pilates are arriving soon… I have to admit, I’m partial to ❤️ my very old original Gratz reformer, it’s not the prettiest one, but it has a special feel. 😍 I just don’t think I could ever part with it.❤️💕Here is the link for Gratz:

Here is another one of my favorite brands😍 of Pilates equipment, it is almost a toss up between these two brands! You will see my outstandingly gorgeous solid walnut equipment in the studio made by Pilates Designs by Basil. Basil Blecher who started this company and made my equipment. Now this company is simply just called ‘Pilates Designs’, they are still upholding the great quality they began with. Here is the link to Pilates Designs:

My new absolute favorite clean skin care line is Earth Harbor. My skin truly loves this brand. I am now using several products in their skin care line thanks to the introduction of their wonderful Mermaid Milk by my daughter. She told me it was a clean product without endocrine disruptors in the ingredients. I am so impressed with the healing results in my facial skin inflammation, that I decided to share. I have vitiligo, my skin is really delicate and nothing has ever made this much of an improvement on my face or body in such a short time. I love their products so much that I am now a product ambassador for their brand. Contact me if you are looking for a discount code, chances are I can get you something. Here is the link to their site for ingredient information.(there might be some sort of coupon there too but mine could be better…..😉)