Strategic Pilates Studio

A classical Pilates studio featuring traditional style teaching by Natalie Shook NCPT

Strategic Pilates Studio

Upscale Classical Pilates Equipment by Gratz and Pilates Designs


Strategic Pilates Studio is an upscale classical Pilates Studio in Longmont, Colorado offering high quality personalized instruction at affordable rates.

We are uniquely different in many ways at Strategic Pilates Studio. The first thing you might notice is a very small class size, longer classes and sessions and how to go about booking a class or session with us.

Signing up using email through our website helps to keep our rates lower for our clients instead of using an online scheduling program. Our classes are intentionally limited to either two or four people (unless it is an online ZOOM class). Because our classes are smaller, we kindly ask our clients to contact us by email, phone or text so that we can personally reserve your spot.

Please complete the sign up form to inquire or reserve your class, a studio representative will respond within 48 hrs or less. This is a great value for our clients because smaller classes equal more personalized attention to each student.

All reformer and chair classes are actually ‘duets’ at a class price. The Classical Pilates Mat instruction and other classical Pilates apparatus are explored and used within each duet class. You will enjoy the way your teacher supplements smaller equipment to help you hone in on skills of precise movement at Strategic Pilates Studio during your duet class or private session.

At Strategic Pilates, we are not as tightly scheduled as most studios. Our classes are scheduled with a large block of time between them. This allows for optimal sanitization of the studio and also extra time for clients who need it. We work mostly by client request for class times since classes (except ZOOM mat classes) are actually duets. While we respect your time, we are quite relaxed and flexible with our own time.

At our studio, we believe it is important to give more individualized instruction to each client by generously offering some extra time when necessary. If you have a specific question about an exercise or an exercise need and your time allows, we are happy to lengthen your session time beyond our typical 75 min. We are here to help you and also answer questions without an extra charge.

At Strategic Pilates Studio, you will find two well appointed large rooms fully equipped with top of the line classical Gratz and classical Pilates Designs equipment. This includes reformers, wunda chairs, the arm chair, Cadillac, ladder barrel, ped-a-pul, spine correctors and all the other great Pilates equipment a classical studio requires.

It is our desire to have clients to utilize the entire classical system of the Pilates method, experiencing the whole studio. Instead of limiting your class to only reformer or mat , we often add supplemental apparatus throughout the studio system. This helps to cultivate awareness and enhance connection in the body, complimenting the theme of the lesson. We emphasize teaching and mastering the necessary skills, layering one upon another to more safely advance into the next level of difficulty in the classical Pilates exercise order.

Classes and personal training sessions are available for beginner through advanced levels. Strategic Pilates Studio has options for either in studio or virtual classes or a combination of both. Our studio allows more time for practice consistency with the same teacher in a quiet boutique-like setting therefore, clients are able to focus and master skills more quickly. Personal training sessions are scheduled for up to 90 minutes. We also provide packages with an option of adding online class support for home practice. Please see our rate sheet for more details.

Sign up or inquire by completing the sign up form, be sure to leave a contact email and telephone number. We will respond to your message within 48 hours or less.