Strategic Pilates Studio

A boutique studio setting featuring traditional style teaching by Natalie Shook NCPT

Strategic Pilates Studio

Upscale Classical Pilates Equipment by Gratz and Pilates Designs


Strategic Pilates Studio is an upscale classical Pilates Studio in Longmont, Colorado offering high quality instruction at affordable rates. At Strategic Pilates Studio, you will find two well appointed large rooms fully equipped with top of the line Gratz and Pilates Designs reformers, wunda chairs, the arm chair, Cadillac, ladder barrel, ped-a-pul, spine correctors and all the other great Pilates equipment a classical studio requires.

It is our desire to have clients to experience the entire classical system of the Pilates method, experiencing the whole studio instead of coming in for just a reformer or mat class. Strategic Pilates Studio does things differently, our studio is very unique.

We are able to give more individualized instruction to each client by generously offering extra time when necessary. At Strategic Pilates Studio, our classes are intentionally limited to either two or four people. Equipment classes are actually duets at a class price, and mat classes may be booked with up to four clients.

Classes and personal training sessions are available for beginner through advanced levels. Strategic Pilates Studio has options for either in studio or virtual classes or a combination of both. Our studio allows for practice consistency with the same teacher in a quiet boutique-like setting therefore, clients are able to focus and master skills more quickly.

Here is some insight on we are so passionate about the traditional classical Pilates Method of practice and teaching. Joseph Pilates created his methodology to bring uniform development to the body using the whole studio system. At Strategic Pilates Studio, our goal is to uphold the highest standard of teaching, using his traditional methodology of the classical Pilates system, distilled to it’s purest form benefiting from a whole studio experience. The classical Pilates methodology brings optimal results and enjoyment. A typical session can include some mat and reformer work and occasionally additional apparatus to compliment the theme of the lesson. “In my personal practice and teaching experience, I find that applying knowledge from years of studying with many second generation Joseph Pilates legacy teachers and mentors, I am able to help my students better understand and embody the necessary skills to fully enjoy the positive health and life benefits of Pilates.” (Natalie)

The Pilates method was originally given the name ‘Contrology’. To best explain the importance of not deviating from the original work of this method, I provide a quotation from his book in the next paragraph.

I quote from the book titled ‘Return to Life’ by Joseph H. Pilates, ” Contrology is not a fatiguing system of dull boring abhorred exercises repeated daily “ad nauseum”. Neither does it demand you joining a gymnasium nor the purchasing of expensive apparatus.You may derive all the benefits of Contrology in your own home. The only unchanging rules you must consciously obey is that always faithfully and without deviation follow the instructions accompanying the exercises and always keep your mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercises as you perform them. This is vitally important in order for you to gain the results sought, otherwise there would be no valid reason for your interest in Contrology. Moreover, you must accept all collateral advice with equal fidelity. Remember you are teaching yourself-right! The benefits of Contrology depend solely upon your performing the exercises exactly according to instructions and not otherwise.”

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