Strategic Pilates Studio

A Boutique Studio Setting Featuring Traditional Style Teaching by Natalie Shook NCPT

Strategic Pilates Studio

Upscale Classical Pilates Equipment by Gratz and Pilates Designs


Strategic Pilates Studio offers a calm and private boutique-like setting where classical Pilates classes are limited to either two or four people. Classes and personal training sessions are available for beginner through advanced levels. We have options for either in studio or virtual classes or a combination of both. Our studio provides more practice consistency with the same teacher, therefore clients master skills more quickly.

Joseph Pilates created his methodology to bring uniform development to the body using the whole studio system. My goal is to uphold the highest standard of teaching and use his traditional methodology of the classical Pilates system in its purest form while utilizing the whole studio experience. Applying knowledge from years of studying with many second generation Joseph Pilates legacy teachers and mentors, I help my students understand the necessary skills to fully enjoy the benefits of Pilates because it positively affects their everyday life.

Pilates allows you to feel energized as your mind and body focus to create precise movement. When practiced on a regular basis most people claim to experience notable improvement in muscular strength, tone, uniform development and mindful clarity feeling completely revitalized.