Strategic Pilates Studio

A classical Pilates studio featuring traditional style teaching by Natalie Shook NPCT

Strategic Pilates Studio

Upscale Classical Pilates Equipment by Gratz and Pilates Designs


Strategic Pilates Studio is an upscale classical Pilates Studio in Longmont, Colorado offering high quality personalized instruction. Our focus is YOU, with a high priority on your body as an individual. Together we help you achieve precise alignment within movement.

We are uniquely different in many ways at Strategic Pilates Studio. The studio setting is soothing and quiet, an atmosphere that promotes mind-body connection in exercise.

Strategic Pilates specializes in detailed personal Pilates training. We offer individual or shared personal training sessions. The shared personal training sessions are limited to only 2 people, also known as duet sessions.

We believe that Pilates is not just choreography, it is a precise methodology with healthy intention for your body. In addition, an emphasis placed on individualizing optimal alignment of form for each body and correct breathing techniques. Strategic Pilates Studio incorporates use of the Pilates apparatus as a whole system.

It is our desire to have clients to utilize the entire classical system of the Pilates method, experiencing the whole studio. Each equipment session has an addition of mat and other apparatus included. Our clients don’t stop moving, the session themes are created around individual body needs and supporting apparatus is selected from the entire studio during the session. This helps to cultivate awareness and enhance connection in the body. We emphasize teaching and mastering the necessary skills, layering one upon another to more safely advance into the next level of difficulty in the classical Pilates exercise order.

At Strategic Pilates Studio, we strive to teach precise Pilates. We see clients as wonderful unique individuals, that we have the opportunity to help reach their optimal functional movement potential. Together, teacher and client work as a team to create uniform development in the client bodies to reach realistic healthy goals.

Natalie Shook NCPT: I uphold the highest standards with thousands of hours of training, I am also a Nationally Certified Teacher, A past graduate of the rigorous Advanced program of The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO and other teacher training certifications of both contemporary Pilates and classical Pilates teacher training programs prior to The Pilates Center and continuing beyond. You can be assured, I’ve been taught to teach by the best.

To book, inquire, or reserve your session, please include your phone number in an email with your preferred scheduling requests: A studio representative will respond within 48 hrs or less.

How to choose the Pilates studio you’ll call home. A checklist for consideration: 1). Session time length 2). Pricing: apples to apples, you cannot fairly compare a class to a shared two person personal training session semi-private duet they are not the same. As a rule, classes will have between 3 and 30 people. Therefore, the level of teaching or instruction will not be equal to what you will receive in a personalized Pilates training session. Realize that in a class setting, the cueing and exercises will be generalized for a large group. 3). Compare and question where, how and by whom was a teacher trained, and are they a 2nd or 3rd generation original Pilates legacy teacher? 4). Ask about the years of teaching experience and if a teacher has earned a 3rd party nationally recognized certification. Can they show you this certificate? 5). Research a teacher’s training, is it a reputable PSAP recognized school? It should be.

Strategic Pilates meets and exceeds all of the listed standards. If you are curious and have questions, please contact the studio: or leave a message @ (831)241-8097.