Strategic Pilates Studio

A classical Pilates studio featuring traditional style teaching by Natalie Shook NCPT

Strategic Pilates Studio

Upscale Classical Pilates Equipment by Gratz and Pilates Designs


Strategic Pilates Studio is an upscale classical Pilates Studio in Longmont, Colorado offering high quality personalized instruction at affordable rates. Our focus is YOU, with a high priority on precision and form.

We are uniquely different in many ways at Strategic Pilates Studio. The ‘in studio’ class size, now limited to only 2 clients in the studio for 70 minute semi-private duet classes. We also offer 90 minute private sessions.

We have longer higher quality sessions because we feel it is important to teach each client ‘why’ we are doing the exercises as much as the correct form and breathing techniques. We incorporate use of the studio apparatus as a whole system which is why we don’t teach ‘exclusively reformer classes’ or ‘just a chair’ or ‘mat’ classes without using what the system offers. Each of those classes has an addition of other apparatus included. We don’t stop moving, we use whichever apparatus we feel is appropriate in the studio for each person’s session theme, it’s effective and we see results.

Please keep the extended session time idea in mind for a bit, while you browse through my website and compare what you’ve experienced elsewhere. (take some notes, here are some things to consider: session length, class size, pricing, and where and how was the instructor trained, years of teaching experience and 3rd party nationally recognized certification, value minutes of high quality instruction)

Ponder the possibilities of opening your eyes to a fresh perspective of this method with all the positive benefits may bring. If I may have the joy of teaching you traditional Pilates methodology, it will be to the best of my ability in original form. I will give you quality, value, my time and a passionate caring heart while teaching you what I have learned over the past many years from studying with some of the world’s best. I hope you will enjoy your sessions!❤️ Click this link to find our studio:

Signing up using email through our website helps to keep our rates lower for our clients instead of using an online scheduling program. Because our classes are actually semi-private sessions, we kindly ask our clients to contact us by email, phone or text so that we can personally reserve your spot. Online ZOOM class may be up to 12 people and are scheduled on demand.

Please complete the sign up form to inquire or reserve your class, a studio representative will respond within 48 hrs or less. This is a great value for our clients because smaller classes equal more personalized attention to each student.

You will enjoy the way your Strategic Pilates teacher integrates reformer, mat and often times wunda chair, and sometimes supplements smaller equipment.This is intended to help you hone in on skills of precise movement at Strategic Pilates Studio during your duet class or private session.

At Strategic Pilates, we are not as tightly scheduled as most studios. Our classes are scheduled with a large block of time between them. This allows for optimal sanitization of the studio. We also consider extra time for clients who need it. At Strategic Pilates, our studio schedule is created with a mutual agreement of the teacher’s hours of availability and client request for class times. While we respect your time, we are fairly relaxed and flexible with our own time.

At our studio, we believe it is important to give more individualized instruction to each client by generously offering some extra time when necessary. If you have a specific question about an exercise or an exercise need, we are happy to make an arrangement to slightly lengthen your next session or create a ZOOM session time beyond our typical 70 min to focus on the specific issue. We are here to help you and also answer questions without piling on an extra charge.

It is our desire to have clients to utilize the entire classical system of the Pilates method, experiencing the whole studio. Instead of limiting your class to only reformer or mat , we often add supplemental apparatus throughout the studio system. This helps to cultivate awareness and enhance connection in the body, complimenting the theme of the lesson. We emphasize teaching and mastering the necessary skills, layering one upon another to more safely advance into the next level of difficulty in the classical Pilates exercise order.

At Strategic Pilates Studio, I strive to teach precisely classical Pilates. I uphold the highest standards with thousands of hours of training, I am also a Nationally Certified Teacher. A past graduate of the rigorous Advanced program of The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO with added classical training beyond, you can be assured, I’ve been taught to teach by the best.

70 minute Classes(*semi-privates) and personal training sessions are available for beginner through advanced levels. Strategic Pilates Studio has options for either ‘in studio’ or virtual classes or a combination of both. Personal training sessions are scheduled for up to 90 minutes. We also provide packages with an option of adding online class support for home practice. Please see our rate sheet page for more information on all sessions listed.

NOTE: If you are interested in shorter sessions please email me with questions, there are other options/rates for these not yet listed on the website.

Sign up or inquire by completing the sign up form, be sure to leave both a contact email and telephone number. We will respond to your message within 48 hours or less.