Strategic Pilates Studio

A Boutique Studio Setting Featuring Traditional Style Teaching by Natalie Shook NCPT

Strategic Pilates Studio

Upscale Classical Pilates Equipment by Gratz and Pilates Designs


Strategic Pilates Studio offers a calm and private boutique-like setting for personalized Pilates sessions taught in the traditional style. We believe that Pilates is for everybody and everyone is welcome!

We’re offering classes and courses at beginner through advanced levels, as well as new client whole studio experience packages, weekly virtual classes, smaller than the average mat classes (allowing you to receive more personal attention), semi-private Pilates sessions and 75 minute private Pilates sessions.

Pilates allows you to feel energized as your mind and body focus to create precise movement. When practiced on a regular basis most people claim to experience notable improvement in muscular strength, tone, uniform development and mindful clarity.